** Celebrating 50 Years of building excellence in July 2012 **

Anyon and Company was formed in 1960 and became a limited company in 1962. The company consisted of Laurence Anyon, John Anyon and their father John Anyon Snr. The company carried out a wide variety of works including private housing, council developments and commercial construction work. It was also involved in the civil engineering sector carrying out works involving the North Sea Gas pipelines in Yorkshire and Derbyshire.


The company began to specialise in new housing with developments in the Sheffield area before moving into Nottinghamshire in 1965. The sixty house Spitalfields development in Blyth was followed by a further development of eighteen houses on the Maltings in Blyth. Developments in Tickhill near Doncaster followed with a variety of developments in the Bassetlaw region for example:-

     – 48 Bungalows on Redforde Park, Retford
     – 40 Bungalows on Broomfield Park, Mattersey Thorpe
     – 14 Bungalows at Ferns Meadow, North Leverton

Laurence Anyon’s brother and father passed away and Laurence was joined by his son Richard who has now undertaken the Site Manager’s roll after an apprenticeship as a bricklayer.

The company joined the National House Building Council (NHBC) when they began the Spitalfields development. The NHBC monitors building and rewards quality selecting the site managers who deserve a quality award and then nominating the top 100 site managers for a further seal of excellence award. The final stages are the regional finalists followed by the national finalists. Laurence received his first Top 100 award for the development at Redford Park, Retford in 1987 followed by becoming the East Midlands Regional Winner and National Finalist. Further awards were subsequently achieved on this site.

Richard followed in his father’s footsteps achieving his first Quality award and Top 100 seal of Excellence for his work at Broomfield Park, Mattersey Thorpe, followed by awards for Fern’s Meadow, North Leverton. The total number of awards achieved jointly are five Quality Awards, nine Top 100 Seal of Excellence Awards, the East Midlands Regional Winner and National Finalist. The company specialises in high specification and high quality developments utilising all the latest techniques and products.

The latest development is at Nirvana Gardens, Blyth and the properties are of a bungalow design but with the addition of ‘rooms in the roof’ which utilizes all the available floor space to its best advantage. This development has also achieved a Top 100 Seal of Excellence Award.

Our commitment is to constantly produce homes of exceptional quality and service to all our purchasers.

The company has also been awarded a further 3 years contract as one of the NHBC remedial works contractors.